Women Rock Cali Team Members

Irene Outlaw, Executive Director

Dr. Irene Outlaw

Executive Advisor

Irene completed elementary and high school in Chicago Public Schools, graduating at sixteen years old.  She received a BS in Education from Lincoln University, an MA from Central Michigan University and a second MA and EDSp from Point Loma College, then finally receiving her Ed.D. from Northern Arizona University.  She has certification from Harvard’s and Johns Hopkins Principal’s Institutes and was a District Fellow in the Institute for Learning at Pittsburgh University. She is forth in a family of five boys one of which.

Irene taught in five states including Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Washington and California.  Though her expertise and preference was High School, she also taught upper elementary, Jr. High, and college,  and coached volleyball, basketball and track.   It was in San Diego that Irene’s career took hold.  She was chosen to lead the writing and implementation of an 18 million dollar grant funded by the National Science Foundation for the 130,000 students of the San Diego Unified School District.  Through this initiative, Irene led the effort and succeeded in training the administrative and teacher leadership in the district and also in getting the graduation requirements increased in the areas of math and science.

In the mist of all of this, Irene ran a Saturday school for AKA in San Diego for ten years for grades 4- 6 teaching hands on science and math. She has served on many boards including the Elementary institute of Science Advisory Board, Rueben H. Fleet Education Task Force, and Association of African American Educators, to name a few.  She has received awards from Who’s Who in American Education and in Executive Women, Administrator of the Year, and many others.  Irene’s leadership skills continued in Stockton, CA where she retired as a principal after forty-five years in education.  In her spare time, Irene played approximately twenty-five years of women’s soccer.  Irene and husband Joe have three adult children Kyle, Edward and Michelle.


Gwendolyn Chamberlain

Vice President, Public Relations

Gwen Chamberlain-Currently employed with San Diego Community College District as a Coordinator for the CalWORKs Program, Adjunct Instructor for Adult Basic Ed; High School/GED Program; Educational Coordinator and Community Outreach Specialist serving adults and children. 

More than 28 years experience as an educator with a diverse population of students in the Southeastern San Diego  community; community activists; student/parent  advocate; workshop creator; public speaker/keynote speaker for various ethnic events; and public speaker for a variety of community, cultural, and ethnic events.

Active member of  Black Storytellers of San Diego, Urban Gardener and healthy-food advocate.