Who Should Attend?

  • Those who teach
  • Professionals who are experts in diversity and inclusion
  • Woman Managers who over achieve
  • Women and executives in senior level positions
  • Coaches for professionals
  • Women business owners

What’s Included?

  • All Meals
  • Special Gifts
  • Program Content
  • Amazing Women
  • Candid Men


Resilience or Burnout?
As strong independent women we are so committed to our goals and being resilient that we often overlook the signs of stress and burnout. This session will delve into the psychology of why we push ourselves so hard, identify the signs that we are under too much stress, offer strategies to relieve stress and avoid burnout and leave you ready to dance your way to success! If you feel like your load is too heavy or like you are being resilient or tough and pushing your way through… then this session is designed just for you!  Define Your Self Worth Series

Make your life ROCK! Create a career and life you love
If you are tired of just going through the motions and have decided that in 2017 you want to take your life to the next level… that you really want to be authentically happy, that you want to feel joyful again… then you MUST attend this lively session that reconnects you to what’s most important and offers real time strategies with a dose of inspiration to Make your life ROCK!  In Good Company: A Sisterhood Circle

Living A Legacy
Are you at the top of your professional field? Do you want to live your life with more purpose and clarity? This workshop provides a step by step guide on how to live your best legacy now. It even offers strategies to teach your children how they can find and live their own legacy, through mentors who have a successful track record in this arena. By the time this session is over you will no longer be focused on leaving a legacy, you will be focused on Living A Legacy!

The Alpha Playbook: Behind The Veil
If you have ever found yourself wondering what do men really think, then you MUST attend Behind the Veil. In this session you will hear from diverse men from diverse industries sharing real perspectives on business, relationships and life. It promises to be a lively insightful session that will leave you in the know!  Business Women Who Brunch + Network Mixer

Personal Brand Bootcamp!

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you are not in the room”
Jeff Bezos, CEO and Founder of Amazon

My question to you is what are people saying about you? If you don’t know the answer to that question or would like to figure that out, join us in the Personal Brand Bootcamp where you will roll up your sleeves, do some self-reflection and leave with a clear concise way to describe who you are, what you do and how the person you are speaking with can benefit from it. We are excited to have you join this session.

You Got Yours! How did you do it! 1-2-3’s on Being an Effective Mentor

  • #1 Recommit to the next generation by sharing best practices to reach your goals.
  • #2 Recapture the challenges and triumphs on your journey to success by telling your story.
  • #3 Repeat number 1

“We will also explore proven strategies to continue to move up in administration while reaching back to help our young women new to education and simultaneously help our students and parents succeed “.