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Ashlei N. Robinson, MA, MS Secretary, The Harris House Board of Directors

Women Rock Cali was a extraordinary experience!  The camaraderie among the women makes you feel like you are a part of well established sisterhood.  I have made relationships that will last a lifetime, and I am thankful for the exceptional mentors I have grown to love as a result of this conference. I am looking forward to the event in 2018.

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Shayla Early, Dallas, Texas

The conference was a great event to attend and I met a lot of people that I would not have met. My favorite part of the conference was the panel discussion and the topics that were discussed. I was able to add a few skills to my toolbox for both my home and work. If I had the opportunity I would attend the event again.

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Majorie Harris, Houston, Texas

Cali Women Rock was a phenomenal experience. It was so wonderful and refreshing meeting and learning alongside many other amazing women! Such an empowering conference! Thank You!

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I attended Women Rock Cali Conference last year to support the founder and dear friend of mine.  What I did not know was this conference was one of the best investments for my career, friendships and personal development.  During the conference, I attended a breakout session “Branding” lead by the Executive with Starbucks Corporation.  During her workshop she shared her story and passion for the work she does and her personal contribution to give back to all mankind.  I was so intrigued with her presentation.  Immediately, after her workshop, I introduced myself and shared some feedback in regards to the workshop and how uplifting it was.  In conclusion of our conversation, she asked if I could forward my resume to her via email.  Six months later I became part of the leadership team for Starbucks Corporation as a District Manager for License Stores.  I can honestly say “I love my job”.  The Women Rock Cali Conference was not just about supporting a friend, it is much bigger than that, it’s about reaching back and supporting all women at every stage of their lives.

Sheryl L. Truitt

Jordan Robertson, Thomas Jefferson School of Law, Candidate for Juris Doctor, 2018

Not but thirty minutes into the first session of the Women Rock Cali conference, I found myself being introduced to some of the most prominent, powerful and well respected business men in the San Diego community. One of whom, was Mr. Henry C. Coker, the then Chief Legal Defender of the San Diego County Public Defenders Office. I was nearly overcome by the wave of emotions I was experiencing in that moment; shock, anxiety, excitement, gratefulness. The law student in me, however, knew that I had to maintain my professional composure, as this was the one, if not only, opportunity to show Mr. Coker who I was and what I was about.

That encounter led to an exchanging of business cards, which led to a phone call, then an interview, followed by an offer and ultimately acceptance to work as a summer intern in the San Diego County Public Defenders Office-El Cajon Branch. As an intern, I helped manage both felony and misdemeanor cases through all phases of the judicial process. This included cases involving complex litigation issues such as: triple homicides, child and expert testimonies and technical scientific evidence. I learned how to negotiate pleas and conduct pre-trial hearings. Additionally, I drafted and argued motions in limine, motions to suppress, motions to dismiss and motions to vacate. At the conclusion of my internship, I was asked to stay on for the fall semester.

All of this, because of the networking opportunity the Women’s Rock Cali conference afforded me. There is something for everyone to gain, to learn and to experience from this weekend-long seminar. Do not pass it up! Thank you, to the CEO and founder, Ms. Charlene Lemons, for creating this incredible event. Thank you for taking the time to push me in the right direction and expose me to positive people. And to Mr. Coker, thank you for the hand up, not the hand out.