About Us

Welcome to Women Rock Cali

Women Rock is about bringing women together from diverse backgrounds to create professional and personal development experiences! Our events will help you refocus re-energize and reignite you for the challenges you have ahead.

We are excited to invite you to:  Women Rock Atlanta: Igniting Synergy 2017

Igniting Synergy 2017 is not just your ordinary conference or retreat. It will be an experience that provides much needed strategies at a pace that feels good.  Our goals for this retreat:

  • Sisterhood
  • Sharing
  • Soaring Professional Development For Educators, Entrepreneurs And Professional Career Women

A place where you can connect, cultivate and create relationships that will last you a lifetime.  As your sister’s keeper you will go far with a powerful network of women at your side, behind you and trailblazing the path before.

Women Rock is a trusted resource and forum for educators, business owners, and professionals with focus on rejuvenating, and reinvigorating them professionally, spiritually and physically.

Conference: Igniting Synergy ’17

  • Workshops
  •  Resources

Sisterhood is what drives us.  Balance Mind, Body and Soul: Rejuvenation of the Divine Feminine.