Felesha Love Bio

Felesha Love invigorates the champion in all of us. This
multi-media professional cleverly strategizes ways to lead
people toward healthy change and better quality of life.

Thirty years of industry experience transformed her from a
popular Atlanta morning show co-host to the Executive Producer of successful
wellness inspired radio and TV programming for syndication. The MySpiritFitness
(MSF) Management Group, LLC is her company which distributes “The Felesha Love
Show” and “The MySpiritFitness Wellness Moment Show,” in addition to MSF seminars
and MSF destination retreats.

She’s facilitated wellness programs across industries for the Philadelphia College of
Osteopathic Medicine, General Electric, Bell South, Cox Broadcasting, Radio One,
Rockdale Government, Georgia Department of Labor, as well as, various corporate
wellness centers, fitness centers and public schools systems in Georgia. When she is
not in the studio, she is traveling with the Ultimate Women’s Expo hosting MSF
seminars for multiple cities around the country including San Diego, Los Angeles,
Atlanta and Dallas. Felesha uses her platform to advocate for the equality and
advancement of women. In her role as an Associate Board Member of the National
Black Radio Hall of Fame, Felesha initiated the Black Women In Radio research project
to advance professional voices of diversity into mainstream media.

In her book, Brave Leap To Freedom: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit to Cultivate
Healthy Relationships, Felesha writes, “We are born into this world as authentic spirit,
but we spend a lifetime in our egos creating suffering and confusion…the boldest
step you’ll ever take is that brave leap to where freedom from fear and inhibition
awaits on the other side.” From this premise she created a solid pedagogy and
designed course curriculum for three wellness courses in the Physical Education and
Wellness Department at Spelman College where she went on to teach as a faculty
member for seven years. In 2014, Felesha was recognized for launching the most
successful campus-wide online meditation event in the history of the college. In prior
years, she received commendations from educators and school administrators, “The
Phoenix Award” from former Atlanta Mayor Bill Campbell and the Lieutenant Colonel,
Aide-De-Camp, Governor’s award from former Governor Zell Miller for her
contributions to fitness and wellness.

Currently, she is a mentor and facilitator for FEED Worldwide, which nurtures artists
entrepreneurs globally by providing resources in adult education, personal
development, technology, business and wellness. She received her undergraduate
degree in Communications from Lindenwood University in St. Charles, Missouri and
her MBA in Project Management from Walden University. Felesha is a clever wellness
strategist but she is also a closet geek, beachside enthusiast, the mother of two young
adult women and always seeking to motivate people to “Rock Life Without Sinking.”
More about Felesha Love at www.MySpiritFitness.com and on social
media@MySpiritFitness @BlackWomenInRadio More about the National Black Radio
Hall Of Fame at www.NBRHOF.com

Love, Felesha. “Brave Leap to Freedom: Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit to Cultivate Healthy
Relationships.” (2014) Hay House Balboa Publishing.  Available on Amazon