Cynthia Oredugba Bio

Cynthia Oredugba began a long and well documented career as a community activist during her undergraduate years at Miami University, Oxford Ohio.  As a college student, she was active in the peace and freedom movement as well as being a founding soror of the campus Delta Sigma Theta chapter.

Upon graduation, Cynthia moved to New York where she worked for the Girl Scout Council of Greater New York.  Cynthia later entered the agent trainee program at William Morris Agency, eventually serving as an Agent in the theatre department and motion picture.  She found her love for working with creative talent and assisting them in navigating their careers.  A highlight for her work at William Morris Agency was connecting Alex Haley with David Wolper which resulted in the acclaimed miniseries “Roots”.  Cynthia also worked with playwrights at the early stage of their careers such as David Mamet and Richard Wesley, making both off Broadway and Broadway deals

Cynthia moved to Los Angeles to open her own talent agency, The Robinson Company, establishing careers for many actors in film and television.  While enjoying the fruits of her labor, Cynthia also kept her commitments to her community, serving on boards and committees for the Daniel Freeman Hospital Auxiliary and Daniel Freeman Hospital Board, The NAACP Legal Defense Fund, Project Heavy West, the Beverly Hills West Links Inc, and Community Health Council.  Cynthia also served as a consultant for the National Black Women’s Health Project, and the Sisterhood Outreach Summit and Showcase.

Cynthia paused her professional career to enrich her life through marriage and motherhood, then returned to the work world when her children reached middle school, serving with The American Cancer Society as Director for the South Los Angeles Office.  Cynthia worked to improve access to and education on health and wellness issues for affected populations. Cynthia served as Co-Chair of Los Angeles Worksite Wellness Coalition.  She was responsible for working with companies to bring in worksite wellness campaigns.

Reviewing her corporate, entrepreneurial, and non-profit leadership experience led Cynthia to the realization that she had a gift that was not being tapped and that was to combine all of her experience and use it to guide and support others.  With this revelation, she returned to school –Institute For Professional Excellence In Coaching to become a Certified Professional Coach with a certification in Energy Leadership.  She also has been certified as a story coach and story teller.  Cynthia works with her clients to find the treasures that lie within and to help them find clarity in all aspects of their life.  Her motto is “Isn’t that Peace when you find your treasures and they bring you clarity?” She uses the Core Energy™ coaching process to help people tap into their inner purpose and passion and connect with outer goals and strategies to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results. She uses story to help her clients and her audience create new stories when their old stories no longer serves them/

Cynthia discovered the power of story in transforming lives and uses story telling in workshops and retreats..  Stories are an important tool in her empowerment presentations.  She combines her life experiences and her gifts to tell stories that open doors and enriches her audience lives.

Stories and her work as a Coach led Cynthia to write “It’s Your Turn:”Uncover The Best You Now”. She is enjoying speaking about her book with audiences throughout the country.

In her private time, Cynthia Oredugba enjoys reading, traveling, music, theater, and fine dining—not in that order.